The Hamilton Bulldogs missed playoffs last year as they had a rough ending to their season. However this season things seem to be looking up for the Dogs. Although they have had a couple of tough breaks and have gone through a couple of skids this season they have been able to get out of them with ease.

They may not be sitting in a playoff spot at this moment, but that doesn’t mean they are out of the race completely… the Dogs still have quite a bit of hope to hold on to. They are just 7 points off from the last playoff spot. Although it may seem like a pretty decent padding… the Dogs have played a couple less games than those ahead.

In previous years, people would write off the Dogs as a non-playoff contender but this year I’m going to say that isn’t the case. With several players coming into their own and being at the top of their game, they should have no problem picking up enough wins to slide into the playoffs… even if it is that last spot.

The Dogs are currently on a three game win streak, all of which are conference competitors… and two of which are within their division. A triple-header weekend is ahead of them as they take on another conference competitor that is closer than the Dogs to reaching the playoffs. The Oklahoma Barons are in town, and they currently sit just outside of the playoffs with 60 points. The second game this weekend, not as big of a game for the Dogs but an extra 2 points helps them out quite a bit.

The final game of the weekend is somewhat of a re-match from last weekend as they take on Erie once again. Last weekend the two teams headed into a shoot out with the Dogs coming out with the two points. This game is going to be a big one for either side of the ice as Erie is hanging out at the bottom of the conference… but not by much.

After this weekend I’m thinking the Dogs can pick up another 4 points… which means yes I’m betting against the home town boys for at least one of the three. But it’s going to be a long weekend and a hard one for the guys. If I’m right and they do pick up four points this weekend it could mean they end up just 1 or 2 spots out of playoffs depending on how the Barons and Charlotte Checkers do this weekend. 

- @BeccaEL  /  @Bee_4492